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    I figured we should have an excerpt blog from my lengthier FIMFiction version that points out features of the site for folks who don’t follow my FIMFic blog activity. Welcome to The Navel Cove, gentlemares and gentlecolts. New stories can be followed by following me on FIMFiction, Ko-fi or on Twitter. Worldbuilding Workout can be physically subscribed to via email, as shown above. I …

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    Worldbuilding Workout Issue #6

    The reformed changelings were how I began regularly writing FiM content, and more importantly, how I discovered my spark for writing platonic love and dialogue. Today I thought I’d refurbish several old analysis blogs from FIMFiction and give the changelings a…

    Worldbuilding Workout Issue #5

    Being fashionably late to everything is a specialty of mine. Today I want to talk about Stolas, my favorite character from my latest fandom, Helluva Boss, and how his relationship with Blitzo shows some of the gnarlier aspects of building intimacy…

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