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    Henlo, I go by NavelColt—N.Colt, NC, or Navel for short. I am a multi-fandom entity who grew up writing and analyzing media on sites like DeviantART, FanFiction, and a multitude of fan message boards. This site, however, is the first one that is mine, and will host (most) of my writing content going forward.

    You’ll find that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic dominates my writing stats, though I do dabble in other fandoms. My love for FiM lead to my first fan convention, which helped me grow out of my shell and make a lot of friends that I still have today, so it holds a lot of importance to me, even all these years later.

    Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my works and thoughts!

    Site Notes & Other Site Links

    • Stories and chapters are added with retroactive upload dates. This is to have synergy with off-site postings and to stay organized.
    • The Stories and Chapters pages are organized by last date edited, not publication date. You can use the search bar to narrow down what you’re looking for.
    • I won’t be uploading every story I’ve ever written. There are many very old stories that I just don’t feel like uploading. Some of them are still online, however, and can be found in my sites below.
    • “expect a range of difference in writing quality, as the works I’ve uploaded range back to over a decade ago.” he said sheepishly.
    • Commissioning artwork and supporting artists is another hobby of mine. Be sure to check out the tabs of art attached to stories and blogs! Stories will have an art tab if the full art is not visible in the cover art or if the story is a part of a collection that features a large amount of commission artwork.