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    I figured we should have an excerpt blog from my lengthier FIMFiction version that points out features of the site for folks who don’t follow my FIMFic blog activity. Welcome to The Navel Cove, gentlemares and gentlecolts. New stories can be followed by following me on FIMFiction, Ko-fi or on Twitter. Worldbuilding Workout can be physically subscribed to via email, as shown above. I …

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    A New Era in Navel-Gazing has Begun!

    The Navel Cove—A calm, round inlet amongst lush, rolling fields and sloping cliffs where you can read and take naps amidst a cool breeze, or maybe just hug a nearby buggo. I began writing fan fiction at thirteen on Fanfiction.net, mainly for the Sonic fandom. Over the years, as I’ve migrated to different fandoms and sites, I’ve established numerous locations where I’ve uploaded my …

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