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    I figured we should have an excerpt blog from my lengthier FIMFiction version that points out features of the site for folks who don’t follow my FIMFic blog activity.

    Welcome to The Navel Cove, gentlemares and gentlecolts.

    Home, where buggos loaf and humans dynamically pose
    Worldbuilding Workout, my analysis blog, resurrected and better than ever
    Use the ‘Type your email’ subscribe field to be notified via email to all future blogs—both Worldbuilding Workout and site news
    Bookmarks allow you to continue where you left off on any story, and appear on the Stories page once they’re created. They’re stored via your browser/cookies, so no account creation required
    Relevant commission artworks are in little tabs alongside chapter lists for a given story, and feature prim and proper artist crediting with links to their most known profile I know of
    Stories are downloadable via the ‘EPub’ button on the story cover page (see previous screenshot), and become cute eBooks with the proper reading programs

    New stories can be followed by following me on FIMFiction, Ko-fi or on Twitter. Worldbuilding Workout can be physically subscribed to via email, as shown above. I may also continue to make brief notification blogs on FimFiction, at least for a while.

    Credit and Thanks

    This layout is a FIMFiction-inspired custom theme for WordPress called Fictioneer, created by Tetrakern. Check out his extended documentation for how the theme works if you’re curious. It deserves more attention.

    I must also thank the RariTwi Mistress, Monochromatic. I stumbled upon Mono’s personal site, the Hollow Shades, back in October of this past year, and it was excellent timing, as Revue died and killed my blog not a couple months later.

    So a thanks to them both, they’re the reason this site exists at all.

    I’d also like to give a nod to the site’s artists. Light_artist, who created the header, and my friend Lord Valtasar, who created both the site logo and icon.

    Also, a cute buggo I know as Onesie. He too is a coding nerd and helped my math/symbol-challenged self set up certain CSS for tweaking things.

    You’ll find shortened credits for all of these folks over on the Credits page.

    I will once again be creating Worldbuilding Workout entries bi-monthly or monthly starting in April, so make sure you’re subscribed!

    Thanks for reading!


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