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    Rain Curfews Cover
    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Slice of Life Calor (OC) Changelings Thorax

    Rain Curfews

    by NavelColt

    Following the hive’s metamorphosis, the desolate region once charted as ‘the Badlands’ on Equestrian maps has begun to flourish. Deserts now sprout with newfound life, and wastes of sun-baked rock crumble in the wake of sprouting vegetation.

    But with all progress comes growing pains. Such a sudden abundance of life cannot flourish without water, and an awful lot of it, at that. For bug ponies with fragile gossamer wings, things couldn’t be more inconvenient.

    Caught in an acclimating climate, the changelings now face a series of torrential downpours that limit both their flight and activities. Luckily for them, their new leader is an expert at finding the coziest solution to every situation.

    Cover art by Racingwolf