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    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Drama Slice of Life Applejack Rainbow Dash Scootaloo

    My Sister, Scootaloo

    by NavelColt

    She never saw herself as a caretaker, nor did she foresee gaining a sister, but after taking in a homeless filly, Rainbow Dash finds herself in a new role.

    Playing the big sister for the only Cutie Mark Crusader without a family, Rainbow Dash finds she still has a thing or two to learn about sisterhood. After butting heads with Scootaloo one too many times, Rainbow Dash consults an expert on the subject.

    This story is a sequel to My Sister, Loyalty

    Cover art by MickeyMonster

    1. To Become Better Sister Material To Become Better Sister Material
      8,787 Words 8.8 K Words