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    How to Hug Your Pegasis Cover
    My Little Pony: A New Generation Comedy Drama Slice of Life Hitch Pipp Zipp

    How to Hug Your Pegasis

    by NavelColt

    It’s Siblings Day in Zephyr Heights, and for Pipp that means another chance to obtain wholesome sister hugs for her livestream. Adamant to keep away from her sister’s viral shenanigans, Zipp recruits Hitch to help her avoid the avid pop star.

    Hitch, however, has his doubts about the whole thing.

    Cover art by Luximus


    How to Hug Your Pegasis was my ten year anniversary story as an MLP writer, and coincided with my first ever written story, My Sister Loyalty, which was also about pegasus sisters. As such, several artworks were made in commemoration.